Monday, February 25, 2019

Book Ramble - Dreamer [SPOILER-FREE] #dreamerblogtour

Hi everyone! Welcome to Nox Reads, I'm "Nox", and Dreamer by Ja-Mel Vinson is a PROBABLY WILL REREAD, due to numerous gorgeous descriptions and an amazing premise!

Dreamer (Dream Come True Book 1) by [Vinson, Ja-Mel]

"After several failed attempts at staying afloat, my eyes slipped closed as I dipped below the light's surface."

I'm so excited to be participating in the Dreamer Blog Tour (#dreamerblogtour on Twitter)! Earlier, I posted an original book tag inspired by elements of Dreamer (you can find the True Dreamer Tag here!)

Dreamer is being released on March 19, so this will be an entirely spoiler-free ramble! I'll mainly be covering what I thought of the story and the characters. With that in mind, let's begin!
Maya Lilac, the protagonist of Dreamer, is starting college at D.R.E.A.M. Academy when she discovers that she is the True Dreamer, someone who is meant to protect the world from the Dream Daemon and his threats. Maya learns that she has a clone named Lucent, who has had Maya's powers for the past couple of years. 

What I enjoyed the most about Maya as a character was that I felt that she was relatable. I love that she's my age (literally- we're both supposed to graduate the same year), because I'm so used to the YA genre, with characters that are sixteen or seventeen (hello Six of Crows). Having Maya as a character who is somewhere between teenager and adult while having to balance college and discovering her powers brings the idea of college as a time of self-discovery to a whole new level. I also love that not only is she close to her mom and her best friend but that she knows wholeheartedly that she needs them to help her.

I also love that Maya isn't the only character being developed, although it's her story. We learn more about her best friend Rosemary, who I think works with Maya because she has also struggled with her powers and what that means for her- the difference is that Rosemary has had years to do this. We also learn more about Lucent, Maya's clone, and what happened between her and Maya.

I love this idea. I'm a sucker for Chosen One tropes, and I love that Maya has such a support system- her mom, Rosemary, Bailey, Naomi, everyone in the True Chronicles, etc.

My favorite part of Dreamer, however, is how beautiful the descriptions are. Everything is described so vividly, and even the parts where I was worried for Maya were paired with gorgeous imagery. That's why I chose the quote above- because it captured how amazing the descriptions are. The imagery is magical, and I love the descriptions so much.
I don't want to get into any spoilers, so I'm going to leave it there. You're all just going to have to find out the rest yourselves! The link to preorder Dreamer on Amazon is here, you can add it to Goodreads here, and please make sure to follow the author on Twitter! As I said earlier, I'm part of the Dreamer Blog Tour, and you can find the launch post on Shealea's blog right here (to my knowledge, she'll be updating it every day with links to the rest of the posts!), and you can click here to go to the blog tour's hashtag.

There will be a Twitter chat on March 2nd to discuss Dreamer, and I hope you're there!

I can't wait to see what comes next, because I truly believe that it's only going to get better.
Thank you, everyone, for reading! You can go and check out my original True Dreamer Tag here, and the playlist that I made for the book here!

Have a great day!

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  1. I can't wait to hear your review once the book comes out, it sounds really good :)

  2. sounds like something id enjoy, ty for bringing it on my radar